Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is one of the most personal functions of a church. At St. Francis, we are deeply committed to helping our members and their families through the peaks and valleys of life.

We offer a range of spiritual support services provided by our priests and trained volunteers. We provide rituals of Blessing or Thanksgiving like Weddings, Baptisms, Home Blessings or our annual Blessing of the Backpacks or Blessing of the Pets.

We also have services to minister to those in Recovery or Home-bound like Visitation, Lay Eucharistic Ministry, and Prayer Requests.

One of the most difficult times in any person's life is dealing with Grief or Loss and we offer ways to comfort, guide and assist with Last Rites, Funerals and Memorial Services, Grief Support, and End of Life Preparation & Planning.


Preparing for Holy Matrimony

St. Francis is pleased to offer support and assistance in making your wedding a joyful, Christ-centered experience. It is our belief that in a Celebration and Blessing of Marriage, the Christian family gathers to celebrate and to ask God’s blessing upon the commitment in which a man and a woman pledge life-long fidelity and love. This act of worship is an important beginning in the creation of a healthy relationship. The reason for making this public and solemn covenant in the Church is to recognize that such a relationship is built only with God’s help.

Planning Your Wedding at St. Francis

To learn more about holding your wedding at St. Francis, please contact the church office (832.325.2983) to schedule a meeting with a member of our clergy.

Recovery or Home-Bound

Prayer Requests

Parishioners are encouraged to request inclusion in our prayer list, for both themselves and their close relatives. This is one of the best ways that the church family can support its members. Please contact Sally Jo Crowson (832.325.2983) for more information.


Our priests and volunteers are available to visit ill and recovering parishioners and provide them with prayer support. This can be done at home, at a hospital or treatment facility, or over the phone.  Please contact Sally Jo Crowson  (832.325.2983) to schedule. 

Lay Eucharistic Ministry

Specially-trained volunteers, who are licensed by the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, take communion to parishioners who are unable to attend church. To request a visit, please contact Jerry Ballard (832.325.2993).

Prayer Shawls

Loving hands of our parish create these beautiful shawls for recovering parishioners. These are unique creations, blessed by our clergy, that wrap the recipient in love. If you know someone who needs this kind of support, please contact Jerry Ballard (832.325.2993). If you are blessed with the creative skill to knit or crochet, please consider joining our Prayer Shawl Group.



The Meaning

Holy Baptism is the  initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ and His Body—the Church. The bond which God establishes in baptism is permanent and represents the outward and visible sign of Christ’s grace at work in our lives now and forever. Through baptism we are buried with Christ in His death. We also share in Christ’s resurrection and are born from above by the Holy Spirit.

In the Episcopal Church, baptism is the entry rite into the Christian life. Baptism is the only requirement for joining in the Holy Eucharist and all other ministries of the Church.

Scheduling a Baptism

The sacrament of Holy Baptism is available for infants, children, and adults. For more information please contact Sally Jo Crowson (832.325.2983) to talk with a member of our clergy.

Backpack Blessing_0013m.jpg

Blessing of the Backpacks

We invite you to join us for a very special back-to-school tradition: our annual Blessing of the Backpacks!  Students of all ages are encouraged to bring their backpacks to church and receive a blessing for the school year. Going back to school can be a source of both great excitement and anxiety, and we love to send our children out with the positive energy of our prayers for their safety, health, happiness, and continued growth! 

We will bless backpacks on August 11th, 18th and 25th at the 9 am service.

Grief or Loss

Last Rites

A member of our clergy is on-call to administer the prayers at the time of death to our parishioners. Please contact Sally Jo Crowson (832.325.2983) for immediate assistance.

Funerals & Memorial Services

We offer support in the time of loss to our parishioners and our local community. Please contact Sally Jo Crowson (832.325.2983) for immediate assistance.

Grief Support

The loss of a loved one is often the hardest thing we face in this life. If you would like support in this difficult time, please us know.  Please contact Jerry Ballard 832.325.2993).

Grief Group

Led by Father Bates and Robbie Sharp, PhD, this group is designed for those who are grieving a loss or mourning the death of a loved one. We will take steps toward understanding, acceptance and even joy as we process our grief and pray with one another.

Wednesday meeting dates at 7 pm in the Bride’s Room:
Oct. 2, 9, 23, 30 and Nov. 6, 13

Contact Lynn Lloyd at for information or to sign up.

End-of-Life Preparation & Planning

We hold a class each spring on end-of-life planning that includes insurance, finances, property, and service arrangements.  Please watch the church calendar for announcement of the next class. The work book that we use, which has many valuable resources, is available year-round in the church office.


Blessing of the Pets

Sunday, October 6 at 4 pm in the church courtyard

St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals and the natural environment. In his honor, near his feast day in early October, our parish holds a very special Blessing of the Animals service. For this wonderful event, you and your children are invited to bring your pets – whether large or small – to the church for a blessing. 



Jerry Ballard

Pastoral Care and Clergy Coordinator


sally jo crowson

Executive Assistant to the Rector