Ministry & Education Staff
keith-rick-faculty-websiteRick Keith
Director of Music
Rick has served as the Director of Music at St. Francis for nine years. He believes his role is to provide a varied, yet focused, Music and Fine Arts Program for each of our distinctly different Sunday Masses; music and musicians for church social events; reach the community at large by engaging youth and parents in Scenes (the musical theater camps held each summer), and to provide spiritual leadership to ALL those involved.

Rick earned his BMA summa cum laude in Conducting and Composition from UCSB. Rick has been nominated Best Musical Direction by Tommy Tune Awards for 3 years. He has taken casts from Spring Woods HS to the International Thespian Festival three times with the musicals Les Miserables (03), Pirates of Penzance (04), and Addams Family(15). His early years were spent in Northfield, Mankato and Roseville (St. Paul), Minnesota, and later Rick lived in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. His is married to Jacque Calderon and together they are raising two wonderful sons, Jonathan and William. In the midst of his busy schedule, Rick finds time to participate and support his sons’ activities in music and sports. Other favorite leisure pursuits include travel; but he especially enjoys being lazy by a lake, an ocean, a pool, or even a puddle and is sure he “was once a Labrador Retriever.” The people of St. Francis and the endeavors of this community are what he loves about St. Francis.
devlin-allison-church-websiteAllison Devlin
Director of Family Ministry
Allison's Bio Coming Soon!
ballard-jerry-church-websiteJerry Ballard
Pastoral Care & Clergy Coord.

Jaralyn, or Jerry as she is affectionately known, was born in Oklahoma, but has lived in Houston for most of her life and has been a member of St. Francis Episcopal Church for forty years. After getting her degree in Psychology at Texas A&I, she worked at our day school for thirty-three of those years and has held positions at the church for the last seven. Currently, Jerry serves as Pastoral Care coordinator while also being one of the first friendly faces you see in the office as she works at the front desk. In her free time, you might catch Jerry reading a great book, playing a game of bridge or golf or doing a puzzle. She also loves to travel and tell of her adventures as well as share stories of her beloved three children and six grandchildren. What does Jerry like best about St. Francis? –“definitely the people. It is a wonderfully welcoming community that cares about its parishioners and their needs.”
Leiselle SadlerLeiselle Sadler
Director of Outreach
Leiselle comes from Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa near Durban and has been at St. Francis for 31 years. She has been married to Jim Sadler for 26 years. Together they have four children (one who was adopted) and four grandchildren. Leiselle celebrated her 16th birthday by flying solo and was the youngest female to do so at the time. She was also a member of the South African Women’s Squadron of the Air Force. In another adventure she sailed from the Caribbean to the United States.

Leiselle graduated from high school in South Africa and went on to obtain a BFA with honors in Graphic Communications from the University of Houston. She recently completed Rice University’s Leadership Institute of Non-Profit Executives (LINE). As Outreach Director, she believes in developing outreach as a meaningful ministry by seeking ways for St. Francis to serve others in need and encouraging more parishioners to participate and take leadership roles. In her spare time, Leiselle likes to design personal fun items like purses, books, birthday cards, coffee mugs, and canvasses. The best thing about St. Francis for her is that it is a community of friends and says, “St. Francis has always been about fellowship, but I think it is developing into a more giving and serving parish.”
Administrative Staff
homer-amy-church-websiteAmy Homer
Exec. Assistant to the Rector
Amy is a Native Texan whose family joined St. Francis in 2010. Brad and Amy have been married for 12 years, and they are parents of 4 year old son Ethan. Their family is completed by two cats, Maverick and Suri; and a dog, Mimi. Amy and Brad joke that all of their “kids” have Tom Cruise-related names. Can you figure out how? Amy quickly became involved at St. Francis and began working here as soon as there was an open position. She is Father Bates' Executive Assistant and knows that sometimes you never know what will come up that needs to be done, so she is always willing to jump in and take care of those tasks with other staff people. Amy holds an Associate of Science degree. When she’s not at church, she likes going to Texans and Astros games, so if you ever need a buddy to go with you…. Amy is a huge fan of Clint Black. Her favorite thing about St. Francis is that “It is home” and she’s felt that way since they joined, but especially since Ethan loves church so much. He gets excited when he arrives at St. Francis, and he says “church” when naming people in his bedtime prayers.
stacy-arlene-church websiteArlene Stacy
Business Administrator
Originally Arlene comes from Illinois and is now a proud mother of three children and a grandmother. She began working at St. Francis in January of 2006. She believes her role here as Business Administrator, is to equip the various ministries and management of St. Francis with the knowledge and resources needed to conduct business matters in the right way to further the mission of St. Francis. Arlene received a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University and her Certified Church Administrator (CCA) from St. Thomas University in Minneapolis, MN. Arlene lived in the Bahamas, and still enjoys sailing and the “blue salt water”. The friendliness and welcoming atmosphere at St. Francis is what she likes best about this church.
adkins-kathryn-church-websiteKathryn Adkins 
Membership Coordinator
Kathryn, a native Houstonian, has been a member of the St. Francis community since her son entered school here eight years ago. She became a member of the parish six years ago and has been a vital part of the staff for the last four years. Kathryn received her Elementary Education degree from Texas A&M University and is happily married with two beautiful children. She enjoys spending time with her family in the country and doing “crafty” things. As membership coordinator, her role is to greet visitors, new members, and parishioners on Sunday mornings, reach out to them to insure they are acknowledged and feel welcome, and to be available to assist them and answer any questions. When asked what she loves most about St. Francis, Kathryn stated that she “loves the clergy, the people, and that our family feels like it is another home!” 
Events Coordinator
Lynn proudly spent her entire childhood in Savannah, Georgia. Her undergraduate work was completed in Statesboro and graduate work was completed at Georgia State University in Atlanta. For most of her life she has been an educator in schools and churches. Lynn joined the staff at St. Francis in the fall of 2013 after beginning a friendship with Fr. Bates while working together at St. Martin’s. As Event Coordinator, she sees her role as helping all our ministers and ministries plan and execute their events with as much ease as possible. The St. Francis community sure loves to have good times. Lynn enjoys spending time with her granddaughter and grandson. To Lynn the best thing about St. Francis is people knowing people and she says, “We are a wonderful, loving community.”
Member Records/Asst. to Father Wismer
Cindy's Bio Coming Soon!
Facilities Staff
castro-juan-pablo-church-websiteJuan Pablo Castro
Church Sexton

Juan Pablo is married to Nancy who works in the Day School cafeteria. Together they are parents of daughter, Luz Diana, a cute and busy preschooler and baby Alyson. He lived for over 20 years in New York. They decided to move to Houston because Juan Pablo and Nancy each had other family members who lived here. Juan Pablo has worked at St. Francis since 2013. In his unassuming way, he says, “I like what I do here.”
ramirez-juan-carlos-church-websiteJuan Carlos Rivera
Church Sexton
Juan Carlos Rivera has been a sexton at St. Francis since 2015. He attended Lee High School here in Houston. Juan is single and likes to watch movies in his free time. Juan Carlos knows his role is important to the St. Francis and takes pride in preparing the buildings for worship and other events here. He enjoys working with the staff and parishioners of St. Francis.
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Executive Assistant to the Rector
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