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Linda Sadler Memorial Fund
The Linda Sadler Memorial Fund (LSMF) is a restricted fund that provides financial aid to impoverished people who are working toward independent and productive lives. Created in 2010 by Jim and Leiselle Sadler in memory of their daughter, the LSMF is completely volunteer run, which means that 100% of donations go to help the needy. If you are interested in making a contribution to the LSMF, please click here. You can also see the latest LSMF report here.
The LSMF collaborates with the case management of local programs and ministries to identify individuals who can truly benefit from a hand-up. Partner programs include:

The Beacon

Provides programs that restore dignity, self-respect, and hope to Houston’s poor and homeless including a Day Center (hot meals, private showers, laundry services, and case management), Brigid’s Hope (transitional housing and services for women released from the criminal-justice system), Beacon Law (pro bono legal assistance to the poor and homeless), and Cathedral Clinic at The Beacon. 

Emergency Aid Coalition (EAC) 

The Emergency Aid Coalition provides food and clothing to low income families and individuals in Harris County.  The LSMF provides backpacks and supplies for 50 students at the beginning of the school year.


A Christ-centered ministry ensuring life for unborn children by providing opportunities for housing, help, and hope for young women during their pregnancy and beyond. 

Positive Black Male Association (PBMA)  

A unique, hands-on program that empowers youth in impoverished neighborhoods to build strong bodies, minds, and spirits. 
  • Led by Dr. J.A. Rob, the PBMA receives financial support through matching grants for youth ages 12–18, as well as incentive grants for college-attending students achieving exemplary grades. Support comes from St. Francis’ general budget and the Linda Sadler Memorial Fund. 
  • Ladies of Great Purpose (LOGP):  The sister program of the PBMA, LOGP assists low-income young women in finding self-worth and dignity so that they can reach their full potential. They also have the opportunity to receive grants.

Westside Homeless Prevention (WHP)  

This local program in Spring Branch has provided hope and opportunity for a better future to homeless children and their families in Spring Branch ISD since 1994.

LSMF Success Stories

Here are some of the ways the LSMF has directly impacted individual’s lives:  
  • Gave tuition assistance to a former inmate who ultimately graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Communications. He now has an internship with ESPN.
  • Provided matching funds to help a talented young woman from a needy family attend LSU. 
  • Provided matching funds to help a promising young man from a low-income family attend Baylor. 
  • Provided $1,200 in matching funds to a formerly homeless mother so that she could fix her car. 
  • Purchased uniforms for economically disadvantaged students of Blackshear Elementary School.
  • Purchased a bicycle for a formerly homeless young woman so that she could transport herself to college classes at the University of Houston. 
  • Paid certification and registration fees for a formerly homeless woman so that she could get a job as a cook on an oil rig. 
  • Purchased work uniforms for a formerly homeless man for his new job as a security guard. 
  • Paid the fee for a Transportation Worker ID Credential (TWIC) for a formerly homeless man so that he could get a job at the Port of Houston. 
  • Gave laptop computers to two single young mothers who were continuing their education.  
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