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Support God's mission in the world through St. Francis

This year, we want to convey an important shift in our message in asking for financial support for St. Francis. We are asking for you to consider your relationship with God and how St. Francis allows you to fulfill the directives given to all of us by Christ of service, love and charity. We do this in so many ways at St. Francis – through worship, outreach, education, fellowship and so much more. Our spiritual needs and obligations are nurtured and fed through and by St. Francis. We ask that you make a commitment to your relationship to God and his path by supporting your church, St. Francis, which helps us all to find and negotiate that path. Support our church and all of the wonderful opportunities that St. Francis gives to us; to learn, to worship, to grow, to give back, to further kindness towards others and heal the wounds of this mortal life – to be the solid bedrock of our individual spirituality.

Another focus of this campaign is the goal of having EVERY household make a commitment. Today, we emphasize the total inclusion of every household, every person, who attends St. Francis. While we expect to reach, if not exceed, our financial goal, what is of equal or greater importance is to include each and every parishioner, no matter the size of the contribution.

We are excited that as each of you makes your commitment to God through St. Francis, our parish will continue God’s mission in the world.
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